The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science

Vol.74, No.4 April 2012

Vol.74, No.4 April 2012
Explaination of the cover photograph
Comparative Studies on the Distribution and Population of Immunocompetent Cells in Bovine
Hemal Node, Lymph Node and Spleen
Weidong ZHANG et al. (pp. 405–411)

Gross anatomical and histological characteristics of bovine hemal nodes (HN) that is a
hemopoietic and lymphoid organ in the mesenteric region (a and b), the region along the
aorta (c and d) and the subcutaneous of the scapular region (e and f). HN was surrounded
by connective tissue capsule (C), and the parenchyma consisted of the sinus (S), cortex (CX),
paracortex (P), medulla (M) and hilus (H). The sinus was filled with numerous erythrocytes,
and many germinal centers (asterisk) were located in the cortex.

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