The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science

Vol.75, No.6 June 2013

Vol.75, No.5 may 2013
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Cytomorphological and Immunological Classification of Feline Lymphomas: Clinicopathological Features of 76 Cases Junko CHINO et al. (pp. 701–707)

Cytomorphologically classified feline lymphomas. Wright-Giemsa stained. (a) Lymphocytic type (low-grade). (b) Lymphoblastic type (high-grade). (c) Immunoblastic type (high-grade). (d) Centroblastic type (high-grade). (e) Burkitt-like type (high-grade). (f) Pleomorphic medium and large cell type (high-grade). (g) Anaplastic large cell type (high-grade). (h) Globule leukocyte type (low-grade).

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