The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science

Vol.76, No.10 October 2014

Vol.76, No.10 October 2014
Explanation of the cover photographs
Visible, Safe and Certain Endotracheal Intubation Using Endoscope System and Inhalation Anesthesia for Rats

Kenjiro KONNO et al. (pp. 1375–1381)

Images of the oral cavity, trachea and esophagus the endoscope system, TESALA AE-C1 in rats.

(A) and (B) Posterosuperior view of the larynx with closed epiglottis and with opened epiglottis .
(C) Posterosuperior view of the larynx with opened epiglottis .
(D) Inside view of the trachea.
(E) View of incorrect intubation into the esophagus.
(a) epiglottis, (b) soft plate, (c) glottis, (d) arytenoid cartilage and (e) epiglottis.

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