The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science

Vol.77, No.3 March 2015

Vol.77, No.3 March 2015
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Stromal cell-derived factor-1 (SDF1)-dependent recruitment of bone marrow-derived renal endothelium-like cells in a mouse model of acute kidney injury

Hiroyuki OHNISHI et al. (pp. 313–319)

Production of SDF1 (a chemo-attractant factor) markedly increased in the kidney post renal ischemia and reperfusion in mice. In the kidney, SDF1 was expressed by CD31-positive endothelium-like cells, or by Na+-K+-ATPase-positive tubules, whereas its receptor, CXCR4 was detectable in GFP-positive bone marrow-derived cells (BMCs). The possible paracrine loop between “SDF1 in endothelium (and tubules)” and “CXCR4 in infiltrated BMCs” likely contributed to the reconstitution of renal vascular endothelial cells during recovery from ischemic acute kidney injury in mice (For details see the manuscript, Ohnishi-H et al., in this issue).

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