The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science

Vol.80, No.1 January 2018

Vol.80, No.1 January 2018
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Annexin A1 is a novel target gene of gonadotropin-releasing hormone in LβT2 gonadotrope cells

Numfa FUNGBUN et al. (pp. 116–124)

Immunocytochemical demonstration of annexin A1 in LβT2 gonadotrope cells.
Annexin A1 is a member of annexin family protein and thought to be mediate various physiological processes. It was shown that the expression of annexin A1 is stimulated by gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) agonist in the gonadotrope. The expression of annexin A1 was very low and immunostaining of annexin A1 was shown as green spots in resting LβT2 cells (red arrows). Shortly after the stimulation with GnRH agonist (10 min), annexin A1 moved to the periphery of the cell (yellow arrows). Involvement of annexin A1 in GnRH action at the gonadotrope is postulated.

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