The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science

Vol.80, No.6 June 2018

Vol.80, No.6 June 2018
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Testicular regulation of seasonal change in apocrine glands in the back skin of the brown bear (Ursus arctos)

Jumpei TOMIYASU et al. (pp. 1034–1040)

The present study aimed to identify histological and histochemical changes in the secretory status and the glycocomposition of the apocrine glands in the back skin of male brown bears in response to changes in seasons and/or reproductive status. The apocrine glands of intact males were significantly larger and more active than those of castrated males during the breeding season. Size (A) and activity (B) of apocrine glands in the back skin of intact and castrated male bears during the breeding season. Histological structure of apocrine glands of intact (C) and castrated (D) males. Solid and dashed lines, apocrine and sebaceous glands, respectively. Apocrine glands with apical projections (arrowheads) in intact males (E), and without apical projections in castrated males (F). Scale bars: 1 mm (C, D), 100 μm (E, F).

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