The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science

Vol.74, No.8 August 2012

Vol.74, No.8 August 2012
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Successful Induction of Lactation in a Barren Thoroughbred Mare: Growth of a Foal Raised on Induced Lactation and the Corresponding Maternal Hormone Profiles

Kenji KOROSUE, et al. (pp. 995–1002)

The Thoroughbred mare with induced lactation by hormonal treatment was kept in the nursing chute on the first day of adoption, to introduce to the orphan foal that was rejected by his own dam as a nurse mare. When the mare and the foal were turned out into the pasture with another mare and foal on the sixth day after adoption, the mare tried to protect the foal from the threat of the other mare, and then the mare fully accepted the foal and her maternal behavior to the foal was maintained until weaning. Our study demonstrated that a barren parous Thoroughbred mare with induced lactation can be introduced to an orphan foal as a nurse mare and can raise the orphan foal until the weaning age.

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