The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science

Vol.75, No.3 March 2013

Vol.75, No.3 March 2013
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Pathological Features of Polyneuropathy in Three Dogs
Masaya TSUBOI et al. (pp. 327–335)

Histopathological characteristics of the lumber nerve roots in a border collie (A and D), a chihuahua (B and E) and a beagle (C and F). Although lesions were located in peripheral nerve system (PNS) in all cases, the respective pathological features and their lesion distributions were different. Axonal swelling and pale myelin were observed in the border collie case (D), while distorted giant axons were obvious in the chihuahua case (E). A case of the beagle showed atrophic axons and severe interstitial edema (F). Severe interstitial fibrosis was also observed in the thoracic nerve roots in the chihuahua case (G and H).
These pathological differences indicate diverse etiologies of polyneuropathy.

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