The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science

Vol.76, No.1 January 2014

Vol.76, No.1 January 2014
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Impact of Amino Acid Substitutions in Two Functional Domains of Ku80: DNA-Damage-Sensing
Ability of Ku80 and Survival after Irradiation
Manabu KOIKE et al. (pp. 51-56)

Mutations in the two functional domains of Ku80 affect the ability to accumulate at microirradiationinduced
DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs). The localization and accumulation of EGFP-tagged
proteins at DSBs induced by 405 nm laser irradiation were examined (A). Live-cell images were
taken by confocal laser scanning microscopy before and 30 sec and 90 sec (B) or 60 sec (C, D) after
microirradiation in the EGFP-Ku80/xrs-6 cells (B), EGFP-Ku80(A453H/V454H/K565A/K566A/
K568A)/xrs-6 cells (C) and EGFP/xrs-6 cells (D). Expectedly, EGFP-Ku80 accumulation at DSBs
began immediately after laser microirradiation (B). On the other hand, the mutant (C), as well as
EGFP alone (D) did not accumulate at DSBs. Arrowheads indicate the irradiated sites.

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