The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science

Vol.77, No.1 January 2015

Vol.77, No.1 January 2015
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Differentiation of canine bone marrow stromal cells into voltage- and glutamate-responsive neuron-like cells by basic fibroblast growth factor

Rei Nakano et al. (pp. 27–35)

Expression and localization of neuronal markers in neuron-like cells differentiated from canine BMSCs after bFGF treatment.
The protein expressions of NF-L (A; first row), NSE (A; second row) and β-actin (A; third row) were measured by Western blotting. The canine BMSCs were labeled with the fluorescent dye for nuclear staining (blue, nuclei), phalloidin (green, F-actin) and antibodies to NF-L (red, B–E) or NSE (red, F–I).

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