The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science

Vol.77, No.12 December 2015

Vol.77, No.12 November 2015
Explanation of the cover photographs
Analysis of the equine ovarian structure during the first twelve months of life by three-dimensional internal structure microscopy

Mamiko ONO et al. (pp. 1599–1603)

Extraction of the cortex and medulla of the equine ovary. A: Original image. B: Regions with similar colors were grouped by the mean shift method. C: The image was divided into three classes, the background, cortex (white) and medulla (gray), by the k-means method. D: Regions corresponding to the follicles (red) were extracted from the original image. E: A composite image of C and D. The follicles detected within the medulla were regrouped with the cortex. FL, follicle; C, cortex; M, medulla.

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