The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science

Vol.77, No.4 April 2015

Vol.77, No.4 April 2015
Explanation of the cover photographs
Post-mortem MRI and X-ray findings of an aged cat suffering of swelling of the skull and exophthalmos with history of lethargy, inappetance, dysphagia, partial mandibular paralysis and weight loss
Diana BINANTI and Davide Danilo ZANI (pp. 479–482)

MRI of the head (A, B, C and D) showed the presence of a both T1 and T2-weighted isointese large mass on the left side of the skull, associated to mild right brain shift, severe lysis of the calvarium and destruction of the ipsilateral timpanic bulla and temporomandibular joint. Radiographic examinations (E and F) revealed severe bone lysis of left zigomatic arch, temporal and parietal bone. Gross and histological examinations revealed a pulmonary adenosquamous carcinoma of the left lung, with metastases to spleen, liver, mesenteric lymph nodes, mesentery, diaphragm, abdominal aorta, left orbit and calvaria.

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