The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science

Vol.77, No.7 July 2015

Vol.77, No.7 July 2015
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Genetic analysis of low survival rate of pups in RR/Sgn inbred mice
Jun-ichi SUTO (pp. 809–813)
QTL mapping and binomial test for analysis of tendency to lose pups. (A) Genome-wide LOD score plots for PL1 (Whether mothers lost their entire litter or not. blue lines) and PL2 (Whether mothers lost all or some of their pups. red lines). We identified one suggestive QTL for PL1 on chromosome 16 and 3 suggestive QTLs for PL2 on chromosomes 4, 9 and 16. (B) Plots of percentages of mice homozygous for RR alleles at each locus among 99 microsatellite marker loci. We observed that a locus on chromosome 16 near D16Mit4 showed evidence of an association with regard to PL1.

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