The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science

Vol.80, No.8 August 2018

Vol.80, No.8 July 2018
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Histopathological and electron microscopic study in dogs with patellar luxation and skin hyperextensibility

Kazunori UEDA et al. (pp. 1309–1316)

Transmission electron microscopic findings of cross (A–C) and longitudinal (D–F) sections of the skin. While the control group (A, D) exhibited thick bundles of closely packed collagen fibrils (mean diameter, 103.67 ± 15.58 nm), dogs with patellar luxation (B, E: medial patellar luxation (MPL); C, F: medial-lateral patellar luxation (MLPL)) exhibited loosely packed bundles of significantly thinner collagen fibrils (mean diameter, 71.51 ± 16.49 nm), with the MLPL samples showing disorganized fibrils and heterogeneity in collagen fibril diameter.

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